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Kawartha Hoshin Training Centre


The Kawartha Hoshin Training Centre (KHTC) was the first official Hoshin training facility in Canada, and is now the Hoshin Honbu dojo.

KHTC has been in existence since 1999, offering weekly classes in Hoshinjutsu, Self Protection, Women's Self Protection, and HoshinTao Chi Kung. In 2000, Dr. Morris-soke honoured KHTC at the first annual Kaizen event with the Hoshinroshiryu Award for Service.


The KHTC training facility offers students a private, yet professional setting. The training centre floor is covered by 2 inch thick mats, which provides a safe training environment. In the summer when weather permits, we have onsite outdoor facilities which we use to keep the training real.

Training Date and Time
Hoshin classes on self-protection, meditation, energy work and chi kung are offered Thursday nights and Saturday morning at the Kawartha Hoshin Training Centre in Lindsay.


Shihan Mark Lawrence, Roshi

Mark Lawrence is the head instructor at Kawartha Hoshin Training Centre which is also Hoshin Hombu. Mark was a personal student of Hoshin's founder, Dr. Glenn Morris for 6 years. Mark has studied the internal and external martial arts for more than 19 years. He has trained in various forms of healing work such as Therapeutic Touch, basic massage, and acupressure. He had been practicing various forms of meditation for years before he started his self protection training in Jui Jutsu, and was eventually led to Dr. Morris's series of books on martial arts and the esoteric.

Mark worked closely with Dr. Glenn Morris to recreate the Hoshin syllabi, which is the core for our current programs. Mark is a certified HoshinTao Chi Kung Instructor, and one of a handful of people world wide that is teaching Dr. Glenn Morris's Meditation Mastery & Esoteric Energy Seminars. Mark was awarded the Dr. Glenn Morris Award for Service by the Hoshinroshiryu at the 2008 Kaizen in New York. In 2006, Mark was named the Man of the Year for Excellence in Communications when he was inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

Mark is a proud member of the Washin Advisory Board. Washin is an organization which unites both warriors, healers, and warrior-healers in a scholarly venue where sharing, education, networking, and fellowship of like minds are brought together.

As a Certified Fitness Instructor, Mark Lawrence incorporates physical techniques, body mechanics, as well as chi kung and energy work into his classes.