HoshinTao Chi Kung Program

HoshinTao Chi Kung is an extensive 20 week program which introduces you to meditation techniques from many esoteric and healing practices. The HoshinTao Chi Kung program is broken into two sections. You can choose from instructor led seminars or to participate in our distance learning mentor supported program for which you can work through at your own speed.

Benefits to this program are numerous and include:

• Increased energy perception and increased healing ability
• Stress reduction by providing you with simple and effective breathing and meditation techniques
• Muscles strengthening and flexibility
• Increased chi
• Opening of chakras and kundalini channels
• Increased oxygenation of the body and elimination of toxins
• Cleanse and maintains internal organs, muscles and energy fields which leads to increased longevity

HoshinTao Chi Kung Program is a system of study involving guided meditation, moving meditation and energy work. It is also a system of internal and external techniques, which can run the gamut from spiritual and healing techniques. Chi Kung can be used in conjunction with any martial art style or athletics.