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Ed Glimme Budo

402 Copeland Avenue, La Crosse, Wisconsin USA

The three main schools of study at Bujinkan Glimme Dojo are the Bujinkan from Japan, Hoshin Roshi Ryu from America and Systema from Russia. The concepts that the various schools convey are much more important than the techniques. While techniques can be broken down, repeated, drilled to perfection; concepts serve as a guide, a compass, a route to the proper path for each individual to best live their life. Ura (inner) is all that matters; Developing our own potential, our own abilities and freeing ourselves of fear. Poznai sebia, know thy self, is vital to living a happy and healthy life. Knowing the ura, the omote (outer) techniques of protecting and being protected become clear.

Qi Gong & Meditation harmonizes the mind, body and spirit with gentle physical movement and breath, intended to recharge your batteries, melt stress away, and regain your self worth. This provides a calming of the mind and a reawakening of the body.

Warrior Yoga adds dynamism to the yoga you are accustomed to. Learn how to listen to your body while using proven bio-mechanics and breath work to gain balance, functional strength and flexibility. Combining the internal and external awareness will hone your body’s natural poise and grace.

Hand to Hand classes teach warrior techniques built upon the three martial art principles, the five elemental movements and the eight basic methods that all martial art systems are founded on. Techniques evolve creatively and effectively from your aptitude and understanding of these principles, movements and methods.

Sword & Weapon class is dedicated to the study of sword, pole arms, and other warrior tools of Japan’s warrior elite, the Samurai. Basic arts of Iaijutsu (Sword Drawing), Kenjutsu (Sword Art), Bojutsu (6ft. Staff), Jojutsu (4ft. Staff), Hanbojutsu (3ft. Staff), Naginatajutsu (Halberd), Sojutsu (Spear) are all studied.

Training Date and Time

Mondays 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Tuesdays 5:30pm - 6:15pm
Wednesdays and Thursdays 7:30pm - 9:30pm

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Kyoshi Ed Glimme, Hoshinjutsu

Ed Glimme has 20 years of real world fighting and martial arts experience. Although he doesn't get into fights like he did when he was young he is still a student of war. Ed has background in Aikido, Biker Bars, Buddhism, Bujinkan, Doses Pares, Hoshin Roshi Ryu, Hypnosis, Katori Shinto Ryu, Kundalini, NLP, Qi Gong, Reiki, Systema, Tai Chi, Yoga, Zen. All to be an all around good, lovable guy. Ed’s placement in nature is Wind; he holds the title of Kyoshi as bestowed by the Hoshin Roshi Ryu.