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Welcome to the new Hoshinroshiryu Jutaijutsu Association website. 

We offer training in the eclectic martial art known as Hoshinjutsu as it was developed by the
late Dr. Glenn J. Morris-soke, as described in his books: Path Notes of an American Ninja Master, Shadow Strategies of an American Ninja Master, and Martial Arts Madness.

The Hoshinjutsu system is a balance of both the internal and external sides of the martial arts, combining a combative self protection system, with an extensive chi kung and meditation program.

The modernized, no-nonsense self protection system is a conglomeration of hundreds of years of warrior training derived from combative traditions from Japan, China, Russia, India, and North America. The system includes kicks and strikes, throws, joint locks, ground fighting, pressure point tactics, and the use of common, modern and traditional weaponry.

The internal side of Hoshin teaches various chi kung forms, meditation, massage, and acupressure techniques. The combination of these aspects creates a unique and sought after martial art.

Hoshin is a martial art for your mind, body and spirit. We invite you to attend one of our special events or regular Hoshin classes to see for yourself. Our new Hoshinjutsu and the Godai DVD is now available which gives you a sneak peak into the Hoshinjutsu martial art, and the Japanese Godai, or five elements!